December 13, 2009

Inky & Icky...

Here's the other tag I made while at our little mini-crop on Friday night... it's based off of Tim's day 3 tag. 

I'm a little disappointed in it only because my embossing powders didn't fuse, they blew off.  I guess 10-year old embossing powders lose something after a time, eh?  The photo isn't great either... sorry about the glare.

The best part of this tag is creating the plaid background using the alcohol inks.  My friends loved it so much I ended up just playing with colors and making the each a sheet!

So, the icky party of this post is that I've been in bed most all day.  Just feeling totally blah.  No energy and a tiny bit of congestion. The worst part is my voice, though... it comes and goes and has a weird pitch to it.  Ugh.  I hope whatever it is, it goes away quickly.  On top of that, I didn't get a bit done toward Christmas.  We were supposed to get our tree on Saturday and put it up, but plans went awry.  So we decided we'd get it today, but woke up to rain and my feeling icky.  So, still no tree.  Depressing.

Well, back to bed.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. Nice job. The alcohol ink plaid was one of my favorite techniques, although I didn't see that many people who were able to get a true Christmassy red & green.


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