December 8, 2009

Tim's Tags...

Tim Holtz is da Man!  If you have never seen his 12 Tags of Christmas... you must visit his blog sometime soon and check them out.  Not only are they absolute works of art, but he writes out detailed step-by-step instructions (with photos) on how to mimic them.

I love these tags.  Heck, I love almost everything t!m does.  And I just had to share my excitement when a few Tim Holtz products came in the mail today so that I could start working on my versions of Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas.  WOOOT!

I'll post them here as I get them done.  I'm 7 days behind as it is, but it is a mini-goal of mine to do them this year.  Check back.... but please, don't even think I'll compare to the Distressing God.  

I bow to t!m's artistic ability! 

Anyone else attempting a tag or two this season?


  1. I am not a technique-y girl, but you got me hooked on Tim's tags! I will probably never make one, but I love to see them every day and ogle them!

  2. I love making his tags! I'm actually using them in my December journal. You can check them out on my blog if you want.

  3. He is quite a talented guy...I'm not technique-y (trusting you on that spelling, N) but they are just gorgeous. Now if I could employ one of those techniques of the multitude he uses on a single tag, I would be in good shape!


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