December 10, 2009

Twisted Humor...

Warning:  I know that not everyone will enjoy this as I do.  Please know that I'm okay with that... and hope you can see this for what it is... just a little twisted fun.

Are you familiar with those motivational posters that many offices tend to purchase and hang in their team meeting rooms?  I've heard many a groan over them in my life working in an office environment.  I have three things to say about them.  One, the photography/digital design of them is simply amazing.  Two, many of them have very real, positive, motivational "things to really think about".

And three... DEMOTIVATORS!

See the photo?  Even the title is the same.  But really look close at the caption... "it's over, man.  Let her go."

I find these things hilarious! And so many of them are true to real life!

Except after reading the ENTIRE catalog, I was a little overwhelmed with the pessimism, but overall... it's a fun twist on a popular item.  Anyone in your family need a little twisted humor? They sell calendars where you can pick your own demotivators.

Just sharin'.  I really do have a twisted sense of humor and honestly, this doesn't even touch the surface.  Hey, just keeping it real.  Whew!  Sorry for the detour... back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Happy Thursday!


  1. sharing your sense of humor - really did laugh out loud

  2. Okay, love this post! I made a similar poster for a boy on my son's allstar/travel base ball team after he had been thrown out of a game for swearing. It had a pix of him pitching and said something like "Champion . . . blah, blah, blah", but I added in small print. "But, next time, don't drop the f-bomb!"
    We (parents and kids alike) loved it.


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