December 23, 2009

Not Your Traditional Christmas Cut-Outs

Boy, oh, boy was I tired yesterday.  I just crashed out for about 10 hours of sleep. I needed it!  I promised I'd be back to shed some light on my family's take on Christmas cut-out cookies, and here I am.  If you missed the first post about this, I highly recommend reading it first... before you read this post.

Not that I expect anyone to "get" my family.  Okay... on with the show.

First, here is what I consider to be "traditional" decorated cut-out cookies - a Christmas tree, a Santa and a Wreath:

Now, let's look at what my family does to express their inner freak:

This is a Christmas tree... but my husband decorated it as a rocket, or a shooting star.
I haven't confirmed which yet.

Not your typical snowman, thanks to my son.
He was going for The Joker, but said he messed up so he added the "heart".

The Ginger-dead boy... that's apparent, eh?  Cut in half, bleeding heart.
Anyone want to eat this?  Oh, and trust me, this is mild compared to some years.

Another Christmas tree, only my husband transformed it into a Pirhana.
(Nice call/catch, Christina!)

This looked like a submarine to me, but my husband corrected me.
It's a gun.
The original cookie shape?  The Santa you see in the first picture above.

It wouldn't be Christmas without something creepy from my son.
How about a set of "voodoo babies"?
They're upside down snowmen cut-outs.

A Heinz ketchup bottle.  It's upside down, but dear hubby wrote the name on it upside down.
Someday I'll have to share my husband's relationship with Heinz ketchup.
It's very important to him.
Oh, and the cut out shape?  It's a gingerbread boy with the arms and legs... uh... cut off.
I hope they were cut off. But they very well could have been bitten off.

Now, I don't watch South Park, but I was assured that this little dude is from there.
This head is the head portion off a snowman cut out.  Where's his bottom half? 

My daughter made a fish bowl, complete with bubbles coming from the fish.
This was the bottom half of the snowman.
I love this one!  Very cute!

This little cut out is Rudolph, or any reindeer. Apparently when I baked this one, the cut-out wasn't 'clean'.  A little piece dangles below the reindeer, which my daughter so lovingly decorated as ... you guessed it... poo.  Thanks, dear son, for pointing it out for us.

I saved the best for last.  I asked my daughter to make my gingerbread man cut out "nice".  She very sweetly agreed to do so:

She made me!
Although, I'm not sure if I'm wearing a Madonna bra or not. 

There you go.  Welcome to my world at Christmas-time.  Good thing that no matter what they look like, the cookies taste most delicious! 

I'm off to find my family some psychiatric help.


  1. It's wonderful that your family shares your love of creativity... even if it is a little warped.

  2. These are fantastic! And I think any activity a family really enjoys together is fantastic!
    And to make you feel a little better, DD's daycare competes in a gingerbread house contest every year. Last year they won with their "haunted" ginger bread house! Lots of spooky stuff!
    And the gingerbread houses that get made at the party I attend every year can get kindof warped.
    Thanks for sharing your tradition & Merry Christmas!

  3. Love the Madonna bra. Or is it Princess Leah's hair misplaced? Never mind. We have a similar ketchup situation in my home...remind me to tell you!

  4. It is so cool that you all can think outside the box (or in this case, shape!) Thanks for sharing, it made my day!


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