December 29, 2009

Non-Scrappy Scrappy Gifts...

I just had to share that my Christmas was Spectacular! Wii notwithstanding, my family was GREAT at getting me some gifts that are perfect for scrapbooking.  But they weren't scrapbooking supplies.  Imagine that!  My top three favorite non-scrappy, scrappy gifts are:

1.)  By far, the one I'm most looking forward to is this one:

Image from HoMedics online site

A heated, shiatsu massaging chair insert.  How exciting!  I can't wait to get my scrapbook room (yes, yes, more coming on that) complete so I can set this up and try it out during an extended scrappy play day.

2.)  But that's not all.   The Husband ... knowing how cold it gets in our basement during the winter and knowing that I'm getting OLDer, he got me a space heater to keep my tootsies and ankles warm. 

3)  And last, but not least, my third favorite non-scrappy scrappy gift was given to me by my dear daughter.  A lovely little Lazy Chuck (that's a Lazy Susan for all of you out there not named Susan... I have friends who didn't like that term so we renamed it to a Lazy Chuck).  I wanted one of those so I can put my scrapbook tool bag on it and spin it to whatever side I need.  Yep, the epitome of being lazy, but ... isn't that the point of a Lazy ... uh... Chuck?

Any fave scrappy (or non scrappy... or non scrappy scrappy) gifts that you got?  I'm so interested... please do tell!


  1. Isn't it funny how sometimes the nonscrappy things are the ones that are important to scrapping!

  2. They sound great! I got a GPS - so now I don't have to get lost driving to crops!


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