December 5, 2009

An Adventurous Day...

So, it has been a looong day for me, and I was busy almost the entire time.  But a good busy.  I just had to share a few of my adventures today, because it really was eventful and, in some ways, a very odd day for me.  In chronological order:

  • I took my son to work this morning and chose to NOT get a chai tea latte, even though I really wanted one.
  • On my way back to the house, about a block away, I saw two police cars sitting outside a house - no lights.  As I passed them, I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw a third police vehicle pull up.  No lights.  Weird.
  • A friend whom I haven't seen in a long while came over and brought me a chai tea latte (good thing I didn't get one).  For over 5 hours, I helped her hand stamp, stickle and sign at least 500 (possibly close to 1000... sheesh, maybe even more!) holiday cards for her employees/company.  Needless to say, my hand is sore.  So is my shoulder.  But it was fun to spend so much time with her.
  • Had to work at my LSS at 4pm, so I left to head there and on my way, about a mile away from my house, I notice something going on in the traffic lanes flowing opposite to mine.  I turn a corner and see THREE police cars (one plain-car and two sheriff cars) with their lights on, moving relatively slowly... it almost looked like a funeral escort.  I turned in front of them to see that they were "escorting" a white mini-van who, as I was driving by, slammed into one of the police cars and then tried to drive around it.  Now I'm feeling like I'm in a (sing it, "bad boys, bad boys, what ya gonna do?") COPS episode.  I drive by and as I hit the next, very close intersection, I see two more police cars fly by me, I assume to help the three trying to corral the white mini-van.  Being ever curious, I totally wish I could have watched it unfold even more.
By the way, I have to interject that this is not a typical scene in my neighborhood.  One cop car with a car pulled over for whatever reason, yes.  FIVE police vehicles on one van?  PLUS three police cars earlier in the day in my neighborhood for who knows what?  No, not really.
  • I get to work and deal with some customer challenges but by 7:30pm, it was pretty dead in the store, so ... I decide to quickly check a few things online AND, guess WHAT?!  I head over to Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of Christmas to see today's tag and as I'm reading through, I scan the winners of his giveaways and I WAS ONE!  I was shocked.  And psyched!
Does anyone else use that term?  Psyched?  Or is that a western New York-ism?

Speaking of giveaways, has anyone checked out the SFTIO blog for some scrappy fun in their Fa La La La Freebies?
  • After work, I head to have a late dinner with a co-worker and friend who I have barely seen outside of work in ages... and it was awesome!  Great food, great conversation. 
  • I head home and my son is playing a game on the Playstation 2 that I bought for him last Christmas and started excitedly saying something that version 3 (sequel to the game) was out and did I know that?  Of course I didn't, BUT what makes so cool is last year I had asked The Hubs if these games were good choices (they were cheap, and it was version 1 and 2 in a bundle), and he told me no, that he didn't think our son would like them... and he LOVES them.  Of course, this truly isn't a big deal other than something I chose off the cuff was a good present. 
  • Then, I come upstairs to check my email and a good friend of mine from my day job sent me this super-lovely email about how a gift I had given her some time ago (a year or more?) was rediscovered by her today as she was packing (she's moving).  And how the gift was perfect timing and that it was very welcome and needed.  It was a lovely message, and I'm so glad that gift was in the right place at the right time to provide needed comfort. 
It's now almost 11pm and I'm just feeling like I'm spinning.  It's f-f-f-f-freezing outside (I just walked inside about 20 minutes ago) and I do believe I'm ready to crawl into the warmth of my bed and snuggle in for the night.

Anything fun happening out in your corner of the Earth?

Wow, what a day!


  1. holy moly, you sure did have a busy day!! Very productive :)

  2. tee hee...I totally feel like we just had coffee together! Love that!


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