October 31, 2011

I Used To Love It...

Halloween, that is.


It was my favorite "holiday" and I adored getting dressed up, having Halloween parties with my friends, playing Halloween type games like bobbing for apples or making haunted "houses" in my basement - and non-Halloween games made more fun in the dark, like Hide-n-Seek. I have had two, maybe three parties as an adult and loved doing that as much as when I was a teen. I love carving pumpkins - the smell and the feel of the "guts". I love baking and seasoning the seeds. The Hubs and I used to decorate our house up like crazy (inside) at Halloween... cobwebs, spiders, bats, ghosts and skeletons. I loved watching scary movies and telling scary stories. I loved both the sinister and the silly sides of Halloween.

It was awesome.

But as I've gotten older, it became more and more of a chore and less of a fun thing to do. I still love the "concept" but I don't love the "work".

I don't know what happened.

Maybe my kids drained it out of me.

It makes me sad.

Maybe I'll get my love for it back someday.

I can only hope...


  1. I like the decorations and the costumes, but I hate answering the door all night and nobody will take the job off my hands!

  2. Aww... That's a pity, Kai. It's almost like discovering you don't like birthdays any more.
    Maybe next year, you should have a Party. Ask your favourite people. Ask each person to bring something nice to eat (not all pumpkin pies eh!). Make a play-list of silly, funny and just nice music. Carve a pumpkin face. Just have fun.
    Perhaps that will re-kindle your Halloween spirit.
    Or... go away for a holiday and leave it all behind!
    Happy November Kai! (and I just came by because I am re-visiting last year's Friendship Blog Hop post, as it's my "bloggiversary" - I am adding the links to each post, rather than just the generic blog, so I can find them again. Just about to find yours and re-read it!)

  3. I don't do Halloween in all its gory (notice I didn't say "glory")...for spiritual reasons. Lots of people pooh pooh it, but I just believe it is the day of the year when the most evil things happen all in the name "fun." Halloween in our house is limited to only the fun and harmless things...we let the kids carve a pumpkin in a non-scary way, they get to go to the hot-dog-and-chicken-nugget-plus-cool-games neighborhood carnival and they get to dress up in non-scary costumes and trick-or-treat. Done. It's no sweat, it doesn't leave me feeling like I've been trolling the underworld and its very little work, just fun.

    I hear ya...and I get it...totally.


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