October 7, 2011

Getting Close...

The craft bazaar is getting close - Saturday has zoomed up.  I can't believe how very little (in my opinion) I have ready.  I wish I'd done more, but time limits prevail and thus, I go with what I have.  I promised you pictures, and here is one...

... one of the sets of Christmas cards I'm selling.  I made this design first waaaay back, I think in August.  I wasn't sure if I was going to make more (there are a lot of pieces) but when presented with this bazaar, I though this card would be perfect to try and sell.  So, I have made more.

I do have more to share, but so exhausted.  Still using every spare minute creating, but I promise... more to come, more to come. 

PS> if you are a typical recipient of my Christmas cards, don't be surprised if this one ends up in your hands closer to the day.  If they don't sell, this is what I'm sending out!  :)


  1. looks really good and very professional

  2. It's gorgeous Kai! I can't imagine why it wouldn't sell.


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