October 14, 2011

Bazaar Remnants

I just love the word bazaar... and I love to purposely use it instead of bizarre. Not that anyone listening to me would know the difference.  But in writing... it's definitely more fun.  Like this...

Over the weekend I tried to sell some of my hand-crafted items but nothing really sold and so I thought to myself, "how bazaar!?"  It really was a bazaar situation.  Not a good bazaar situation either.

Okay, I'll stop.  Perhaps I'm only cracking myself up, in which case y'all are reading, groaning and getting ready to click on your browser's back button.  *hands up* I surrender to your better humor. 

The bazaar was a fail for me.  I blame it on the lack of attendance.  It was a beautiful day and other than the baked goods that were being hawked by the 5th graders, I don't think many of the vendors did very well.  So, while it was a let down, I am trying to rationalize it that way. I did sell one set of winter-themed cards.  That was great.  I sold them to someone I knew from work, though, so while it was awesome, somehow, it didn't "count".   Not reeeeaaaaallly. 

Okay, so...I already showed you one card design that I took with me. None of those sold. So, yeah, those of you on my Christmas card mailing list, don't be surprised if that familiar little something arrives at your door in a few weeks.  Let me now share with you one of the non-card items I took to sell.  I thought these were very cute.  I wanted a set (and I'm keeping one), so I was more than a little disappointed that none sold.   

Seasonal door hangers:

I showed you a teaser of this one earlier as well.  Autumn.

On the back of Autumn is Winter:

The second half of the set is, of course, Spring and Summer:

I made enough of these sets that I know that all of my family is getting one for Christmas (sorry those of you who read my blog - uhm... surprise!) and the rest, well... maybe this will prompt me to start an Etsy shop.  Who knows?!

I had one other Christmas card set for sale as well:

So if you don't get the Peace one...



  1. All your items are lovely Kai, and certainly worthy of a bazaar. Don't give up so easily - find another one to participate in! At least you are ready to go!

  2. You gave me a smile with your bizarre bazaar :) I think Cheri is right to suggest trying again.

  3. Thanks for the grins! Beautiful work you've done. Maybe as it gets closer to the holidays you should try at another bazaar, as Cheri suggested!

  4. Oh dear, I'm sorry - your lovely work deserved better than that. AS the others have said, maybe you'll have another chance to sell them to a properly appreciative audience? xx


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