October 18, 2011

Every Once in A While...

Do you have moments where you feel overwhelmed, sucked down, stuck in a rut and churning at the waves that keep tumbling over you, but getting nowhere?  Do you have moments where every task you cross of your list is replaced by three more?  When you have those dreams you're walking down a hallway to a door at the end but the hallway gets longer and longer and no matter how fast you run, you can't reach that damn door?  Do you have moments when it feels like everything around you is pressing in and you can't breathe?  When something bad happens - not huge, horrible bad - but unexpected not-good, that just knocks you enough off-kilter that the world seems a little harder to walk upon?

And then...


Every once in a while in the middle of those moments a light shines and you get this absolute, to-your-pores feeling that everything is perfect - flaws and all - and Life is GOOD?  When you sit back, take a breath and realize, the clutter can wait, the dust bunnies can continue to propagate and balancing your checkbook can wait one more day?  That the "bad thing"... it could have been much, much worse? When you just feel like no matter what, you are Happy, and nothing can change that?

Yeah... it's that kinda moment.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL day today.


  1. AWESOME! Anything in particular bring about that wonderful feeling? Or it just finally occurred to you that you don't have to be superwoman?

  2. I NEED this feeling right now...NEED it...send it to me, please!

  3. Beautiful Kai! Thanks! You have a wonderful day too!

  4. Yes - to all of it :) So glad you're in the happy place right now xx

  5. I love those moments :)Glad you had one today


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