October 22, 2011

If I Could Paint...

If I could paint, my choice of "muse" would most certainly be the sky.  I'm a total sky-gazer.  I am in awe of the "pictures" that come from the sky.  On my way home from the Sadist's last Tuesday, I was completely floored by the rays of sunshine beaming down to the earth through the dark, smoldering clouds.  It's the kind of scene that I would never be able to capture, but I tried.  Sadly, I only had my cell phone on me, but I snapped this:

I wonder if I had my "real" camera how much better the photo would have been.  Regardless, in my heart I know that no photo would ever be able to capture the sheer beauty of it.  Just awe inspiring!


  1. Snap I have a photo of the sky on my blog this morning too.
    Your one is very spectacular, It looks like the heavens are blessing the town.

  2. I'm fully expecting choirs of angels to burst into song...

  3. It's still a great photo, but there are some things that you see that you are never able to capture on camera and I can imagine that this skyline is one such thing. A real 'you had to be there' moment!

  4. that is GORGEOUS. I've nicknamed that "God light" that streaming out of the clouds light, because when I was a kid all the church bulletins had pictures of the sunshine streaming through clouds on them...my hubs and kids have picked up my habit. "LOOK MOM!!! ITS GOD LIGHT!"


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