October 2, 2011

How Bazaar!

Happy October!

I have been out of touch here because I have been busting ass to try and get some "stock" together for a craft bazaar coming up this Saturday (the 8th).  Honestly, in my opinion, I haven't been very successful.  I should have started earlier.  Much earlier.  Sadly, I didn't have any inspiration and until about a week ago, I wasn't even sure we were going to do it. 

Anyone out there ever sell at a craft show or bazaar?  How did you prepare?  I'd love some list-minute tips and tricks!  For now... I'm off to bed.  Early morning boot camp with the sadist in seven short hours...

I'll be back to show you some of the things I'm making, as soon as I get a chance to catch a breath!  Hope you're doing something fun today...

1 comment:

  1. Can't offer you any tips, sadly, but I can wish you all the best with it - hope it goes well xx


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