September 26, 2011

It's Here!

I'm trying not to blink, or I'll miss it!  But autumn is here; it's finally here! (Actually, by the calendar it officially arrived last Friday.) Every year I say I “miss” fall because it goes by so quickly and every year I feel like I don’t get time enough to “catch it” even if I promise myself. The tradition seems to continue…

Lately, the weather hasn’t been conducive to much “outside” fun, so I’ve been spending the cooler, rainy days inside working on a few things for an upcoming craft bazaar, as well as thinking about all the Christmas cards I still have yet to make. And the Christmas presents. Oh! And all of the classes I started! No matter, once I get them done (or near done), I do promise to share pictures.

For now, as time is short, here is a “tease”…

How have you been spending YOUR days lately?


  1. Very cute card. I especially love the vine.

  2. Cute! I'm in transition just as the seasons are...I'm looking for something new and creatively inspiring...its been a long hot summer! :-)


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