September 12, 2011

Growing Pain...

Last month at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out, we explored the topic of Growth.  One of the layouts I created was in response to this challenge:

Outgrowing - how do you know if you've outgrown a friend or a relationship? Is outgrowing about growing beyond or growing apart? How did you handle the separation? Have you been able to separate amicably, or with rancor? Has someone ended a relationship with you because they believed they had outgrown you? what about moving beyond or outgrowing family members? What part of separating from family is, for you, a natural or normal part of the maturation process?

Please create a LO about outgrowing a friend or family member, or a love interest.

For the design twist, please use floral or vine images to demonstrate a connection that veers away and separates. 

Here was my interpretation:

Journaling: We grew up together; played, swam, laughed & cried together. We shared our dreams for the future & our disappointments in the present. We had our first crushes together - on best friends just like us! Too bad growing up meant growing apart. Miss you!

The layout is about my childhood best friend Carrie.  I often still wonder where her path in life took her.  I would love to have an opportunity to sit down for a cup of tea or coffee or whatnot and chat with her.  We took such separate paths and hers, at the time of our diminishing friendship, was very rocky.  Mine has had its own bumps over time.  I would love to reminisce and catch up with her. 

This layout is my first exploration into our friendship. I have more to say and feel and get out on paper.  Definitely.

Do you have a childhood friend or boyfriend or someone else in your life who has somewhat disappeared?  Have you ever reached out and tried to make contact?  Or have you just let the past be in the past?

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