August 12, 2011


 Today is the start of something very new... very alien... to me. 

Today I will begin a journey, for three weeks, into eating clean.  Eating healthy. 

Today I begin a three-day "detox", clearing my liver of chemicals by eating vegetables and fruit and drinking lots of water. 

Today, along with the three-day detox, I being following a 21-day menu plan... a regimented menu plan.

Today I'm repeating to myself, only three days... only three weeks... out of my whole life. I CAN do this.

Today I am looking at the menu I am following and looking forward to Monday when I will be able to have protein and carbs again.

Today I may gag.  A lot.

Today I have warned the people close to me to not eat pizza or fast food in the house.  "Go out to eat, and don't invite me or bring home leftovers."

Today I will keep reminding myself that I am important... and doing this will be an important step toward better health.

Today I am worrying about all the things this weekend will bring to me while my body adjusts to simple organic fruits and vegetables.

Today I will have/had spinach in my morning smoothie for the very first time.  I'll let you know how I felt about that later.

Today is the next Step to a better me, physically and hopefully mentally.

Today (and every day during this eating plan) I will drink half my weight in water.  Trust me, that's a LOT of water!

Today I will be making many trips to the bathroom.

Today I can guarantee I'm craving peanut butter, chocolate, crackers/bread and caffeine.  Not necessarily in that order.  Possibly all at one time.  Probably every minute that I am awake.

Today I am very scared.

Today is going to be very hard.

Today I will discover how strong I am.

Today is just the beginning.  Three weeks... 21 days... is the goal.

Today is just one single day out of my whole life.  I CAN DO THIS!


  1. you TOTALLY can! When it is making you feel miserable, try to distract yourself with scrapbooking or a novel...anything that takes your mind to places other than your stomach!

  2. Yes, you can!!!! Sending positive thoughts your way!

  3. GO GIRL!!! You CAN do it!!! WOOHOO!!!!

  4. WOW! So impressed... you are one brave woman. Can't wait to hear how it goes! Sending you good vibes.


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