August 31, 2011

Grocery Wonder...

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Yesterday, I wandered the grocery store and while I was shopping a few things struck me as matters for "wonder".  I wondered...

... when at the grocery store, you're supposed to "shop the perimeter" which is where "all the healthy" stuff is... but what about all those baked goods?  Really?

... when is it too late to buy summer sweet corn?

... is someone watching me when I reach for the celery (or lettuce, or radishes) and as soon as my hand is in the cooler, do they - for kicks and grins - turn the sprayer on me?  (Every.  Time.)

... is someone trying to pull a fast one by charging $2.50 for 1 pound of strawberries (2 for $5) but $4.89 for a two pound container?  How many people don't do the math?

... if I buy "double strength" imitation vanilla flavoring, does that mean I add half of the amount the recipe calls for?

... why isn't peanut butter with "condiments"?

... how old are the eggs in the store, and how long do I have to leave them in my refrigerator before attempting to make hard boiled eggs that peel easily?

... if there were no manufacturer coupons, would food prices be lower?

... is it ever appropriate for the person behind you in line to start stacking their groceries on the conveyor belt when you haven't completed emptying your own cart?

... does double-bagging the groceries defeat the purpose of recycling plastics?  (I didn't ask for the double-bag, it was automatic by the cashier... for practically everything.)

Do you ever have one of those days?

I'll be back to share some of the fruits of my labor from crop day this weekend, I promise.

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  1. you can avoid the entire bagging dilemma by carrying your own reusable bags! ;)


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