August 16, 2011

Heart & Love

Just dropping by to share with you my almost-favorite pages that I've made so far in my Me in My MoleskinE book.  Heart & Love.

What I loved about these pages?  The colors.  I loved making that daggone heart; I love how it looks!  I also loved documenting my first crush and my first kiss.  I am sure I will work more about that into the journaling when I get to it.

Part of the instructions tell you to go find a quote about heart and a quote about love and add them to each of the pages.  I did some searching on the internet and quickly found the "perfect" quote for my heart page.  I didn't realize until I'd written it in my book that Kirsty had used the same one in her book.  How cool (and funny) is that?  Great minds...

"One of the hardest things in life is having words in your heart that you can't utter." 
James Earl Jones

I've really missed working on this book.  I've seemingly taken an unplanned several weeks hiatus.  I believe I will try and get some time in on it this week, if possible.  How is it that I've given up a second job and yet, I still never seem to be home in the evenings or have time to do things?  Grrrr.

By the way, I'm very curious.  How many of you actually attempted tracing your own foot after my attempt for this book?  How did it go?

Detox/Diet Update:  Had protein today.  Was yummy!  Progress good.  Very excited.  Still right on track...


  1. My foot looked ok apart from the funny little toe

  2. My foot came out fine. Love the heart page. Haven't been back to my book since the pages I posted. Need to get going on it!

  3. no foot tracing here...I love that you used the word "daggone." you are a closet southerner....


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