August 4, 2011

Don't Laugh (or Scream in Fear)...

I want to chat a bit about a class I've been working, called ME in my MoleskinE by Kirsty Wiseman.  I'll let you click the link to read about the class in detail, if you wish, but a quick synopsis is that it's a "book about me".  What's different, for me, is the doodly-artsy-mixed media.  I'm still firmly stuck in the scrapbooking/cardmaking genres so moving to the "mixed media" craze has been slow.  I shouldn't say craze but it seems like everywhere I look lately I'm seeing "mixed media" or "mixed media art" or whatnot.  I don't remember seeing the term "mixed media" very much say... this time last year.

Regardless, I have watched videos and dabbled lightly in the Soul Restoration 1 class and other than that, looked on in fascination at the pieces of art people have created, using "mixed media".  When I was introduced to Kirsty's class by Bernice (thanks Bernice!), I was immediately drawn to it because, for whatever reason, it just seemed less intimidating. If I'm truly honest, it was intimidating at first, but I decided that I'd jump in.  Kirsty made it sound so enticing. 

Thus, both feet were first in the air, and then splashing into the water (aka, I jumped in).

When I got to the videos and watched, entranced, at Kirsty's ease of creating, I didn't pay much attention to the topics for each piece of the book, instead I was watching the techniques and listening for tricks and tips.  So when I approached the page where one of the prompts is to trace your hand and your foot and then write about what you like or don't about them, I was a little... I was... uhm... I'm not sure what I was.  Kirsty, herself, joked about her "deformed foot" in her sample and while I laughed, I wondered why she'd let it stay that way.  The tracing of her foot, that is... not her foot itself.

And then, I tried tracing my foot.

You know what?  It's not easy to trace your own foot.  I tried.  Twice.  And my foot still looks slightly deformed.  I was with a friend when I was working on this page and she looked over and started laughing and asking me if I had hand drawn my foot.  As in, free hand sketch.  As in, a kindergartener could have drawn a foot better.

Sigh.  I did try.  Twice.  And yet, my foot STILL looks deformed.  It's REALLY hard to trace your own foot!  Seriously! 

Oh well... it's over and done with.  Moving on to the next prompt...


  1. You know we are all going to have to have a go at doing this don't you?! I've never thought of myself as having deformed feet but I obviously need to check!

  2. I think your pages look great. Well done.

  3. I can oh so relate to your post here. I want to try and be more "arty" but somehow mine comes out looking so very wrong lol. I'm glad to see you jumping in, and I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on, it's looking good so far :)

  4. Haven't done mine yet, but now I'm wondering what it will look like!

  5. I think they look great! This makes me think, tho...I don't think I've ever tried this...

  6. ahaha Great post! I can see everyone that visits here is going to try tracing their own foot now.... I know I am ;)


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