August 3, 2011

Details & Simplicity

So... after that Lost Weekend when I put together my scrapbook slat wall and space (again), I was lost again.  Honestly, it's been simply fabulous to spend time at my scrap table... frequently.   Not yet quite every night, but definitely a great deal on the weekends. 

So, why haven't I been sharing?  A variety of reasons, actually. The biggest reason is that I've been working on some very personal projects... in classes... that I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind in.  And yet, I feel no pressure to catch up.  The curriculum will still be there.  Well, most of it anyway.  I've been having fun working slowly in the Me in my Moleskine projects, practicing deep and terrible avoidance in Soul Restoration 2, and all out pretending the Planet You journaling class I signed up for hasn't started yet!  (It has.)

But.  I have played.  I have been making cards (my other happy craft).  Let me share this one with you.

For whatever reason, I have been absorbed in details in cards.  Stamping and coloring and Stickling and glossy accent-ing and... well, you get the picture - even though it's hard to see in the actual pictures above. I found that I have a sort-of meditative experience when I'm working in detail, and yet, I still find the card to be beautifully "simple"... something I've always liked. 

Through it all, I have been thinking of you, my dear bloggy friends.  But in the past few weeks, I've actually done a layout, made a dozen or more cards, completed about a third of my Me in my Moleskine class and generally having a fun time.  Craftily.

And maybe a little later I'll be back to share my sewing adventures with you as well.  Because that's been going on too! 

My, my, what has gotten in to me??


  1. I'm so with you on the SR2 avoidance. Still haven't started wk3. I've downloaded Planet You! That's it! And whilst I've done all the arty bit of MIMM, I haven't done any journaling!!

  2. Sounds like your having fun and that's really what it's all about.

  3. love the gorgeous detail in that card!

  4. That is a beautiful card. As long as you are enjoying what you ARE doing the rest will be there when you get to it. After your gift of SR1 I also signed up for SR2, both classes I find hard to share about because they are so deeply personal, perhaps someday I will be THAT brave ;)


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