August 11, 2011

A Day Called YUM!

Thanks everyone for your comments and support on my 10 Things - goals to achieve before Christmas -  from yesterday.  I have (re)started today on one of them... my quest for a better, fitter me.  I walked in my favorite park...

Pardon the blur... it was my phone camera and I didn't stop walking to snap the shot... must keep moving!  Besides, you were there with me once, so you've seen some of these trees before, right?

Whoops!  There's the blur again.  Like I said... WALKING here! 

I stopped walking to catch the sun on the foliage.  It looks like a totally different form of plant life
or something, the sun's shine was so strong here.

And because I love sun flare, I thought I'd see how my phone camera did.  Crazy flare!

Of course, the weather "permitted" me to get outside and walk today.  I detest...loathe...abhor...heat.  This summer, in Ohio and seemingly everywhere, has been HOT.  And that's a mild term for what I truly felt it was, which would be comparable to what I visualize as the stereotype of HELL.  Anyway... today was the perfect summer day for ME: mid to high 70's...very low humidity...sunshine with some puffy clouds (which looked to be thunderheads for a while, but they went away without rain).  The only thing that would have made it better would have been a bit more of the light breeze.

If anyone out there can help me find a place on this earth where THIS type of day is what summer is 90% of the time, AND also has all four seasons, please let me know.  I'll be living there in a hot minute!  In the meantime, I'm looking forward to more walks as fall approaches and arrives.

But for now... today was just... YUM. 

(All photos posted here were straight-out-of-the-camera, unedited.  The "camera" was the one from my phone - an LG Envy Touch - quality may not be great, but it's all I had on me at the time.)


  1. you go girl! If you find that place, let me know too...except I don't like the fourth season could be

  2. awesome Kai! Personally I'm so OVER snow after years and years and years of it - I hate being cold just as much as I hate being hot. So for me... Hawaii... perpetually 70's to low 80's and always beautiful!

  3. I'd say WA, rains a lot here. ;)

  4. Looks like a good walk, Kai! You are so encouraging me to get off my b.u.m. and do likewise!
    Well done you - and I love the photos.
    Can't offer any ideas about where to move to though - if I knew, I'd be moving there too!

  5. Come to England - we can have all four seasons in the same day!

  6. It's a pretty walk even if some of the shots aren't in focus. I'm proud of you for keeping on the move in the process!

    Thanks for leaving a word for my craft room wall! ♥

  7. Love the flair! It's been miserable hot here in VA. It was 70 at 7am today and felt positively chilly


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