August 27, 2011

It's a Crop Day!

Heading out and meeting friends later today for some chatter, creativity and good eats.  I'm considering this an "appetizer" because, yes, I'm heading out to another scrappy retreat in a few weeks.  With all the closings of the scrapbook stores around town, we've been meeting up at my "real world job" office and use the conference room tables to spread out and play.  We used to do these little get-togethers on Friday nights, but brilliant me came up with the thought that a Saturday crop would be more relaxed, instead of trying to cram a few hours in after a work day.  We had our first Saturday crop last month, and it was a smash hit.

Send me lots of mojo... I hope to get more than a few things started, if not completed.  I need all the scrappy vibes I can get.

And then.. maybe... if the mojo is super special... I'll come back and share with you the fruits of my labor!  After all, you'll be responsible for some of it!

I hope you're doing something fun today?


  1. big mojo vibes coming your way. a bit envious... I'm stuck at home waiting for a hurricane.


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