February 17, 2011


Tomorrow I will have a not so little shadow with me all day.

It's job shadowing day for The Girl's business class and she is accompanying me to work for the day.  We had a sit-down talk tonight about appropriateness, clothing, time to get up in the morning and other important information including that she will be quietly attending a very important meeting I will be in.  She was a little worried about being bored because I said it was a telephone meeting, so no one would know she was there.  Until I explained to her speaker phones and teleconferences and how she'd be able to hear everything and probably would NOT be that bored.

But the biggest Oh-Em-Gee moment for her was when I said, "Oh, and your phone will be in my purse until lunch... and after lunch until the day is over."

Her face was truly a pained expression when she said, "OMG!  Really?!  But Whyyyyyyyyyyy?"

I said, "Because it's not appropriate for you to be texting constantly while you are at work, you're there to be at work."

But I'll Diiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee," she wailed.

To which I thought (and kept to myself),






  1. Sooo Funneeee! I guess she'll survive the terrible hardship of being without a phone all day. At least you'll allow her a break at lunchtime - her fingers will be flying!
    I hope it goes well. Not sure how DH and DS would cope with a similar day.. Would DS survive a day without his precious notebooks? (he writes and is rarely seen without a notebook and pen)

  2. I have one who would skip the opportunity to go with me to work if it meant having her phone taken away!


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