February 2, 2011

Ice, Wind & Snow, Oh My!

 On Monday, I kept hearing about this "monster storm" crossing the nation.  I didn't think much of it, because in all honesty, I feel the meteorologists tend to lean toward the melodramatic.  And, at least 50% of the time, they're wrong.

Then I saw the satellite image on Yahoo! weather.  Okay, NOW I started to feel like I might be an extra in the sequel for the movie "The Day After Tomorrow".  But still... no tension here.

Then I woke up yesterday morning to a sheet of ice covering everything.  If it wasn't so annoying, we would all have been laughing while The Boy, The Hubs and I tried to de-ice cars while slip-sliding down the driveway.  There was literally no way to get any leverage to give ice-scraping any power!  After assessing the situation, and caving to my wimpy-side, I asked my boss if I could work from home, to which she said yes.  I was so relieved.  I'm not the type of person who runs away from wintery weather, but ice is just not my cup of tea, especially since the huge ice storm we had here several years back when I woke to the "pop" and "crack" sounds of branches breaking off trees and the blue "lightning" of eletrical boxes blowing up.  Oh, that was awful and every time we have ice, my stress level zooms because that "trauma" comes back to haunt me.  If I recall, we were without power in my house for over 12 days, over Christmas.  It just wasn't good.

Before I fall in to that dark cavern, I just have to say... despite the dire predictions and despite the awful dumping of snow and ice elsewhere in the nation, including my sister's house in Chicago and potentially other sisters living in NY, we have been comparatively unscathed (knock on wood).  We have quite a few people without power all over central-Ohio, but not nearly the amount of ice and snow they were forecasting.  The ice we did have caused most of the power outages, and the scary gusty winds that blew through today have added to that damage, but really?  It wasn't The Day After Tomorrow kind of weather. 

For which, I'm utterly grateful.

I would have photos to share with you except I couldn't stand upright on the ice long enough to take any good shots and now it's all melted from the rain and wind.  Besides, when I wasn't spreading pet-friendly ice melt and chipping up ice, I was helping the dogs go up and down the ice covered steps to do their own business.  It's not easy watching your 11-year old dog wipe out as he runs up the steps.  Poor ol' guy... although I think he was more hurt in his pride than any physical bruising he suffered. 

Now, thanks to Punxsatawney Phil, spring is coming "early".  Hang on a little longer and get excited... only six more weeks of winter, people. 

(Uh... isn't that NORMALLY when spring comes?)


  1. just wanted to say hello. I just came from answering your post at Soul Restoration. I advised you to enjoy the journey, and look, right here on your blog is that marvelous quote!

  2. I don't think I have ever seen/experienced an "Ice Storm"! We have had awful huge hailstones and blizzards before now, but not ice in the way you were describing it. Sounds a bit scary - no wonder you were apprehensive if the previous one had caused such damage. At least the ice is gone now.
    Right now we have a very windy night brewing up - it is gusty and blustery already and I think it will get a lot worse. I hope there will be no damage done!
    Hope you're getting back to normal now. X

  3. Oh my, looks like they weren't exaggerating this time! I hope you and yours have all kept safe and warm during that lot xx


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