February 24, 2011

Little by Little...

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Sometimes you just have to yell "STOP THE  MADNESS!"

I think that's from a commercial or something.  But you know what?  It helps to do it in crazy life events.  I did this recently.  No, not out loud, but I did scream a little inside my own head.  It echoed  a little.  That's kinda scary.  

But it did make me stop.  Stop and think.  And remember. 

My one little word is Movement.  And one of the biggest thing I have to rememver is that movement doesn't necessarily mean "marathon".  It can very certainly mean baby steps.  Movement means "a natural event that involves a change in the position or location of something".  Let's break this down...
  • "natural event" - it has to feel "right" and "good" and it is "functioning in a normal way"... therefore forced movement really isn't movement at all.  If you try to force something, it will resist, it will break, or it will simply be immoveable. 
  • "change in the position or location of something" - this doesn't mean it has to be three miles away from it's starting point to be movement.  It just merely needs to shift a little.  Like an opinion can shift... there is movement in that.  Little shifts equal movement.
And that's where I am.  Little by little, changes are being made; fitness is being achieved; creativity is being explored.  Bit by bit, my blog is going through its own metamorphosis, and my house is getting less cluttered.  Check it out!  And soon, I'll be working back toward finishing my Soul Restoration class... and I will share some bits and pieces with you over the next week or two.

The best part of all of that?  I feel fabulous!


  1. It feels so good to have a spring clean doesn't it? I like your new blog header and background :)

  2. Kai - it is so wonderful to see such a positive post from you! Can't wait for the details to come! :)


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