November 26, 2009

Turkey Day Desserts

It's nearly midnight on Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving day.  I just got out of the kitchen for the first time since 6pm.  And I still didn't get all the desserts done.  I promised a friend a pumpkin cake for their Thanksgiving dinner since she has had some repeated health issues and surgeries lately and I did not get that done.  I feel guilty, but I have offered her other options... as in I can make it tomorrow, or Friday and they can have it for their anniversary on Sunday.  I hope that's okay.

Want to see what's on the menu?  While I am NOT the best food photog out there, here's what we've got going on for dessert this Thanksgiving:

First, the one I didn't make:

Peanut Butter Pie

My friend made me that one.  Although, I took the richness one step further and added the chopped up Reese's peanut butter cups on top.  My youngest, a Reese's cup fanatic, will love this.  Although she's not one for rich desserts, so we'll see.

Next up, was my pound cake.  Had a little trouble so it's too dark around the edges.  My racks weren't set up right in the oven.  That makes all the difference sometimes.

This isn't a dessert in and of itself... it's for the Dessert-With-No-Name.  These have since been cubed up and will be layered, tomorrow, with pudding, fruit and Cool Whip.  Yum.  Too tired to finish it tonight.

Next up... my pumpkin pie.  Or, as my son says, Punkinpie. 

This smelled soooo yummy while it was baking.  Believe it or not, I don't like pie but the scent of it baking... MMMMmmmmmmmm... it sets my mouth drooling.

And last but not least, my apple pie.  I had a discussion with my son today as we were making this.  He was such a champ and peeled, cored and sliced my apples for me.  That job kills my hands so I was super grateful for this.  He asked me many questions.  One of them was, "do you know how many apples you need for this?"  He was asking because as he was peeling and cutting, he didn't think we'd have enough but as it turned out, I had bought the exact number of apples needed.  I told him that  I'd been making the pie for a very long time and I have a good idea on how many apples I need, depending on the size of the apples.  He was impressed. 

Another question was, "was your pie always this good?"  I told him that it was as good as the first time I made it... in Home Economics class in High School... when I was 16.  I think it surprised him a little that I have been baking it for so long.  I told him that my dad only made two suggestions when I made it for him... 1) tone down the sugar (depending on the apples) and 2) chunk, don't slice, the apples.  And I've been making it that way ever since. 

I also don't make a two-crust pie.  I use a crumbly topping.  Here I am putting the topping on... my favorite part:

My son took the photo.  Look at those yummy apples.  I'm a little concerned how this will turn out because I didn't use my old stand-by apples for this pie.  I typically use Mutsu/Crispin apples, but I missed the season to get my half-bushel.  So... we'll see how it turns out this year.

Oh yum, this pie was smellin' up the house with cinnamon-y, apple aroma wafting around.  Finally, out it came and here is the result:

Look at that gooey appley juice dribbling out.   As it cools it will flatten out; right now it's still heaping.  But yum!  Too bad I don't eat pie.  LOL!

My son asked me, too, "if you don't eat your own pie, how do you know it's good?"  I laughed and said, "you've requested it every year and everyone I've made it for has liked it so I go by that indicator."

I wish I had been able to make the pumpkin cake and take a photo of that... it is my pride and joy.  My sister made it when I was a young to mid-teen.  I was afraid to try it because it had pumpkin in it (I detested pumpkin at that age).  But she enticed me because it also has chocolate chips in it.  I have been HOOKED on it ever since and have many people ask me for that every year too.  YUM!  Well, when I get to it, I'll try to remember to take a photo and post it.

Anyway... as I sit here yawning... I hope you have yummy things planned for tomorrow, whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving.  I know I'm ready for turkey and peanut butter pie! 

Enjoy all... and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Yum! my mouth is watering just looking at these pics, although I'm not a fan of pumpkin. I do LOVE Apple Crumble though :)

  2. You had me at pound cake. Pound-a-yum...

  3. Yummm, great pics and description of the pies.


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