November 18, 2009

Packin' and Unpackin'

Well, I got it all packed up.  It's all transported.  And now it's unpacked.  Tomorrow officially starts our scrappin' retreat.  BEAUTIFUL rooms here... (it's a new place for us).  I took some photos of my friend who's here with me, but tomorrow will take some of just the room (bedroom and scraproom)...

So, this is a camp that is hosted by a local scrapbook store where I work part time.  We have been hosting these for over 10 years, and typically at the same location.  However, this year, 2009, we've held both camps at new locations.  This one is nice and we're "early" with what we have gotten done.  And... I'm much more releaxed.  We're off to a better start than we were last year at this time.  We were hurting... exhausted... and sick.  I had a really bad experience hosting the scrapbook camp last year with one participant in particular, to the point where I just lost it, broke down and cried.  I thought I would never, ever do another camp again.  But here I am... and very happy to be here. 

For now... I'm tuckered but wanted to share that I'm off having some scrappin' fun.  The family is home without me, and I'm being pampered in a hotel room where someone else picks up after ME.

In the meantime, since I'm obviously distracted... what's going on out there in blogging land?  I can't wait to see (and JOIN) a blog party!  What's everyone else doing?  Hosting or joining or visiting any blog parties yet/lately?  Do tell...


  1. I hosting a blog party on Saturday - 8 different creations (in 8 different areas). Hope you get a chance to stop by.

  2. Hey Kai, I wondered if my use of 'Pete Tong' would confuzzle anybody! You have to be English to understand the reference. Pete Tong is a dance DJ, and I suppose it's a bit of modern rhyming slang: Pete Tong = wrong. Hope that explains :)

  3. Enjoy yourself!! Hope you get lots of relaxation in. :) You deserve it!

  4. Scrapbook camp sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!! Wish I could come!

  5. ooh have lots of fun hun. i'm leaving you an award on my blog, so pop over and get it when you have a chance xxx


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