November 3, 2009

Truth in Memories... Does it Matter?

This little girl is so excited she can barely contain herself. A chipmonk sits in her hand. A sibling is sitting behind her, whispering in her ear softly: stay still… don't talk… keep your hand open… don't move... shhhhh...

Can you almost feel the butterflies in her stomach as the chipmonk gets closer and closer? Suspicious... stopping and twitching his nose... inching forward and then skittering backward.  The barely contained squirming... afraid and excited all at once.

I don't remember this instance in my life. At least I don't think I do.  It plays in my head in choppy pictures or a soundless, grainy old movie.  In this photo, I see that the chipmonk reached my hand and climbed up to get the peanut.  Do I actually remember this?  I don't know...

There are so many memories that flit through my head in pieces... like this photograph. Is it a true memory, or is it my memory of the photograph and my imagination creating the story? Will I ever know for sure? What is the Truth?  Does it matter?

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  1. What a terrific blog entry today. . . I love how you capture the elusive nature off memories.

  2. Whether you truly remember it or not, you captured the excitement perfectly! What a terrific sensory experience!

  3. I have just the same feeling about many of the photos of when I was young - I remember having 'slideshow' instead of a bedtime book and I think that is where my memories are - not the original photos. Thanks for prompting that thought

  4. What is truth? We all see things in our own personal way, and your truth will be different to another person who was also there.

    I have the same thoughts about so many things in my life, did it really happen like that, is that the real story. Over time I think all of my memories have become embellished by the truths of those around me, so unless I write it down straight away... who knows.

    Regardless I love this entry :-)

  5. Great writing & I have memories like that which I can't be sure about.. photos only go so far to preserving memories.

  6. Wow - great writing. I definitely have memories like that and appreciate your perspective on how to write about it.

  7. great story! Great writing! I know what you mean about stories I'm not sure if I remember them or I remember someone else's version told over and over again!

  8. This is such a wonderul story. Memories like that are so hard. They are there, but how much of it do you really remember? I love your posts! :)

  9. many childhood memories do we "have" becuase there were pictures...there are so many pictures in my parents' photo albums...I look at that little girl and I know she is me...but have no recollection of the event. PS...LOVE your recreation of what it must have felt like to be in that moment!

  10. i have two memories from my childhood... i wonder and i wonder...did they happen...

  11. Yes! This is very cool. There are a lot of situations from my childhood that I'm not sure whether I actually remember or have just seen the photos so many times that I've created a memory around those photos.

    But you bring up a good point, does it matter? Memory is a funny thing. If you remember the tenor of a moment in a particular way that BECOMES your experience of it, right?

    Kinda trippy to think about. ;)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the link. I like this post!


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