November 8, 2009

21 Hours of Panic

Friday night it stopped working.  My technology life-line.  Crashed.  "Blue Screen of Death".  How could my faithful and loving companion do such a thing to me?

My laptop crashed and burned.  One minute (in the morning) it was working.  The next (when I got home that evening) it wouldn't boot.  Blue screen of death.  Couldn't even get into it in safe mode.  Some safety that is!  Whatever "safe mode" is.    (I only pretend to know.)

Panic sets in. I have not made a back-up of my files on this computer since 1902!  Maybe earlier!  And ... EVERYTHING is on it.  Everything.  Photos for many years time... business files... memories... work... my heart stopped.  The Husband was working late that night.  I had to work the next morning.  My laptop, the traitor, lay lifeless on the dining room table when I left.  I couldn't breathe.

Midway through my shift, I text-messaged The Husband. I would buy him anything he wanted if he could just retrieve my files.  Screw the laptop... it betrayed me.  Just bring me back the contents, I said, and you'll get anything you want.  Well, within reason, of course.  Maybe within a budget of $20. I didn't say that part.  Just please, please, get me those files!

The Husband... he is great.  He is powerful.  He is wonderful.  He is a GOD. 

I got home from my shift and all of my lifeblood (files) were stored safely on an external hard drive for me.  The laptop?  I don't care.  Because I also had this waiting for me...

The Husband gave me his laptop.  Permanently.  Wide-screen, newer, faster... Heaven. 

Life is good. 

(Oh, and his reward... his chosen reward?  Two McRib sandwiches from McDonalds.  While they last.  Is he great or what?)


  1. what a wonderful hubby! glad he saved all your files for you.

  2. What an angel!! Definately worth 2 McRib Sandwiches!!

  3. I think you'd better get him three,l he definitely deserves it! :)

  4. He is worth his weight in gold! I have had that happen before and I am always afraid it might happen again, I have two backups of everything because I am so paranoid about losing all of my precious data.

  5. I hope he enjoyed his reward, it could have cost you dear.

  6. Only one thing would have prompted my DH to be that generous and it wouldn't be food! So glad he was able to save everything for you. He's a keeper.

  7. aww bless him, i'm so glad you got a new laptop and you got your files backed up safely!! woo hoo!!!

  8. Ohh the dreaded blue screen of death - So scary! But what a wonderful hubby :)


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