November 19, 2009

Before They Arrive

So... here we are at scrapbook camp.  We are in a new location, as I explained yesterday, but it's pretty nice digs. People have plenty of space to spread out with a full 8-foot table all to themselves.  We have a large projected screen behind where my co-worker and friend (who shall now be known as Scrap Goddess - her term, not mine... sorry!) and I sit.  We brought a bunch of DVDs and CDs to watch and listen to.

Here's the room:

If you can see the screen all the way at the end, there are two tables in front of the screen - that's where we are sitting, facing all of the campers.  We get a little crick in the neck when we want to see the movie but ya know?  They're MY movies and I can just go home and watch 'em, right? 

And here is where our classroom is:

You can see the mini-store behind the class tables.  Here's a better look:

After we got it all set up last night (putting up tables, unpacking the papers and embellishments and putting pu the store, placing out handouts on the table and setting up all of our own supplies), we were exhausted!!  Here... here's the Scrap Goddess after we were done setting up - she crashed...

I felt the same.  Okay, I'm off to be PRODUCTIVE... more later...


  1. So jealous - looks like fun! Wish I could be there...

  2. Have fun...I'm totally jealous! :)

  3. You're killing me here! I want something like that here, where I live, or at least within 200 miles!


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