January 4, 2011


So, we all know what my trickster Hubs got me for Christmas.  Over the week after Christmas up until New Years weekend, he kept asking me, "when are you going to play with your Cricut?"  Hello!  I'm working, here!  Seriously, the week between Christmas and New Years was swamped for me.

But then New Years weekend was here.  And we played a lot of Monopoly for the Wii.  And then... finally... after a nice little nap on Saturday... the Cricut got my full attention.  I've got to say, it was the most fun I've had since... well... since I got my Wishblade!  Only...I'm afraid to admit that I used my Cricut more in one 5 hour period, than I used my Wishblade in the first full year I owned it.  Sad, but true...

... but that Wishblade isn't goin' anywhere yet!

Wanna see what glittery goodness I made, starring my Cricut?

Oh, the possibilities....


  1. It's Bee-u-ti-ful!! And I also have to say, that your lovely Christmas card got tons of closer looks and compliments at my house this year. :)

  2. I feel only slightly envious. I know I wouldn't get the use of it since I don't paperscrap enough. But wow - the possibilities!

  3. GORGEOUS card! (and envie!) I, too, love my cricut. I love it simply because I can create alphas in any size and color I choose...all the shapes and other fun stuff is bonus as far as I'm concerned. I can't tell you how many $$ I've saved using my scraps to create titles...I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  4. Its so exciting! Beautiful card Kai :)

  5. These are rather lovely! And I've just been enjoying reading your other posts, and discovering how your Cricut got to you :-) Happy New Year to you! xx


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