January 6, 2011

How You Handle Plan B

I bought  this calendar for a friend of mine.  Her life has been so topsy turvey over the past ten years, I thought it was time (overdue, actually) for her to stop trying for Plan A, and to start considering Plan B.  My motive was sincere and serious, but I thought this calendar had enough of a twist in humor to make it palatable.

I really wish there had been two at the store. I want one for ME.

But alas, it was not to be.  There was only one and I truly believed in my heart that she needed it more than I did.  Apparently they were popular because on my Google search, they all seemed to be sold out.

She loved it.  And while I coveted that gift to her, I am happy.

So my Plan B was a "zen" calendar that I bought in my local CVS. I like something on my wall that I can look at every day and it gives me something to think about or a nudge to refocus.  Perhaps this one will keep me level.  That's always a good thing, right?

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