January 18, 2011

Spending My Time...

Aside from working, lately I am spending my time...

...working a lot at my scrapbook table!  For classes I am teaching but mostly on a class I am taking.

...developing and tweaking (and re-tweaking) my 2011 financial plan.

...spending time with friends.

...helping The Boy work out the logistics of having a car payment and car insurance (which is hefty for a 21 year old male).

...avoiding all of the "clean sweep" items that are piling up around me.  My bedroom seriously could be in a spotlight on Hoarders.

...blogging for Inside Out and helping with the newsletters.

...cherishing every minute I have with my furry children... and my 2-legged kids too, believe it or not.

...working in my first art journal, EVER, and learning that I LOVE to paint!

...being thankful my husband is still healing and while not 100% (and possibly may not ever), he is working and laughing and loving and living.

...learning how to Zentangle.

...wishing I had more time to cook and bake.  I've got an urge to do so!

...working on myself.  In many ways... more on this in a few days.

How have you been spending your time?

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