August 1, 2010


Did you see that? It was fast… but look! Quick! See? Did you miss it? OMG, it was crazy! I can’t believe it! Amazing. Whew… oh well, if you missed it, I’m sorry. I barely saw it myself.

Yeah… it was the weekend. And… July. In one fell swoop - *poof* and gone. Kinda like my presence lately. *poof*

I have spent the weekend mostly “unplugged” from the world. Friday night I spent in my bed, reading. Saturday I worked all day at the store and then had a wonderful evening watching (unremarkable) movies with the family on the Hubs' new (to us), very large TV.

Anyone out there want a working console TV? It’s in my basement. Probably forever.

I rolled over this morning and picked up another book. And read it the entire day. I just finished it, actually. Oh, I broke away long enough to shower, eat and go to the grocery store, just not all at the same time. Heh. And my family was taken care of… I did cook dinner.

Housecleaning? Nope. Laundry? Nuh-uh. Clearing out the clutter? Not a chance. Tend to the yard? Nope, weeds still winning the war. SCRAPBOOKING? Nada! I really did want to scrap this weekend; I really, really did. But getting involved in a book is more time-sucking for me than TV, movies and World of Warcraft (when I played) combined. Seriously. I love to read and never make time for it. And this is why.

And I have to say, it has felt really good to just laze about on the couch (or in bed) and read.

How was this all possible? Well, my laptop… my breath, my heart, my passion… Has. No. Wireless. *Gasp* Yes, when I would typically be on the laptop surfing around the Net, blogging and hunkering down to contribute on or for the SFTIO site, instead I was reading. The Hubs, bless him, tried to fix it on Saturday so I did have internet briefly, but this morning it was gone again (it’s our router) and frankly, I wanted him to not worry about computers for a day or so. Plus, I had a book to read!

So unplugged, I still am. In fact, I’m writing this on my laptop and then will have to save it to a flash drive in order to get it on my blog using the Hubs’ computer downstairs. And so it shall be for another few days until payday swings around and we can solve this daggone router issue. The withdrawal is just beginning to show its effects…

…I believe I just found another book…


  1. Wait, you played WoW? Now you tell me. You're like my better twin now. :) I can't stop. Oh, I'll let my account lapse for a few months (I think the longest I made it was 4), but then I start getting these cravings...

  2. Nooooo.... Poor laptop! Poor you!

    But yes, I do find that when I'm without the internet (deliberately or otherwise) I read a LOT of books :-) (Anything good, by the way? Anything you'd recommend? I read 5 books last Thursday/Friday but they were all a bit rubbish....)

  3. I've been reading too - actual novels! Which I only get to do on vacation because otherwise my family hates it when I read! Perhaps because I literally leave this world and enter the one of the characters in the novel and don't surface again until the book is finished....


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