July 27, 2010

Random Love

Yesterday was all about wishes... today is all about things I love.

Before I give you my list, I am reminded of an ex-boyfriend I once had who would rarely use the word "love".  He said it lost meaning if you used it for things.  As in "I love that CD."  I thought he was nuts.  Hence the "ex" part of that ex-boyfriend status.  Needless to say, I can be pretty effusive about the things I love.  So today, right now, this minute, these are some things I love:

I love peanut butter, and am quite particular about what I have.  My favorite is Jif (choosy moms and all that).  Recently I've been eating Jif Natural, but I know that's not as healthy as I could get.  Because I love peanut butter - in large quantities - I have a need to find something more, um, agreeable to my waist.  And my thighs.  Among other areas.  So, for that reason, and because it really tastes pretty good, I love PB2.

Powdered peanut butter that has 85% less fat calories than the average peanut butter.  Granted, you have to reconstitute it with good ol' water, but it's pretty darn good.  I'm out, and need some more.  And now I see they have chocolate peanut butter!  A Reese's peanut butter cup in a jar!  What could be better?

I love to read, and I don't do it nearly enough.  I need to make more time to read.  I especially love to lose myself in a fiction of some sort... something that grabs me and pulls me in and ties me up tight so that I lose the world around me.  Yep.  Love books.

I love Rainier cherries.  I love cherries in general, but I especially go ga ga over Rainier cherries!

I love paper.  It's probably why I'm a scrapbooker.  But I'm not discriminatory.  Give me a pack of office paper pads or a new journal or even school type loose leaf notebook paper and I'm in heaven.  I smell it.  I always take a whiff.  Ask any of my friends!  The first thing I do when new papers come into the store is pick up a random stack (or three) and take a good sniff.  I'm sure I'm really smelling the ink and printing process, but its all paper to me.  Love it!

I didn't take this photo, but I have many of the same
scene.  This is my favorite place on earth.

I love water.  I love lakes and oceans and rivers and streams.  I love water falls.  I love drinking water.  I love swimming... I love showering.  I love the feel of water.  I love the look of water and the taste and the smell(s) and the sound. I love water when it's cold and warm and hot and frozen. I think my ex would be stabbing himself with a fork regarding how much I love water!  

Okay, before I cause anyone else to stab themselves with a spoon, I'll take my love and go. 

But before I do, am I alone?  What do you love?


  1. I love water too :-) Not for swimming though, my eczema doesn't allow :-(

    And I love intriguing post titles - I did wonder what I was going to find over here... ;-)

  2. I love coffee...its the only thing I can think of that I would apply the word "addicted" to...

    Then there is chocolate, blogs, scrapbooking stuff, and pens....ok...maybe I would use the word "addicted" for pens also.

  3. I also love books, paper, the ocean, and I truly adore dark chocolate!

  4. I love to read too, I love fruit (although I have too many allergies to make this practical), I am an absolute sucker for paper as well (I can't pass by a journal without figuring out if I should buy it), and I love water.

    And I moved my crafting blog into my other blog, which can be found at http://randommusings-anna.blogspot.com/.


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