August 29, 2010


I love early morning.  I don't often wake up to it when I can enjoy it ... i.e. I'm always rushing around getting ready for work. 

Today is a day when I can enjoy the quiet of an early morning.  I didn't intend to get up so early, but it happened.  Dogs barking, my coughing, a disturbing dream and a piercing police siren combined to open my eyes several hours earlier than I had intended.

It's nice though.  I don't hear neighbors (and boy do I wish I never heard those neighbors!) or my own family some who are still asleep and some who have left early to go to work.  I hear a distant hum of background traffic and planes (I live near an airport).  And I hear birds.  I like the sound of birds in the morning.  I hear one of my kitties roaming around my bedroom getting in to bags she shouldn't.  Closing my eyes again, I tune into a few lone crickets, still calling out from the night.  I love crickets. 

I hear my fan whirring...

... and I realize that today is going to be a "hot one" and I will have to put the A/C on again. 

Then I will miss the outside noises for a few more days.  Especially the quiet of the early morning symphony.


  1. I love quiet, but I'm really not a morning person.

    I was reading through this post and the way it fit onto my screen I could only see up to "...and a piercing" so I was wondering where on earth your piercing was that it was keeping you from sleeping!! I'm part relieved and part disappointed that it was only a police siren!! ;-)

  2. This is so poetic Kai. I myself am partial to the summer evening's symphony. So NOT a morning person!


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