August 24, 2010

We Didn't Start the Fire!

Original Music Video Courtesy of YouTube

So, one of my sisters sent me a video link.  It was to a slide-show, for lack of a better term, that someone (Ye Li) created to go along with Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire song from 1989.  Ye Li did a GREAT job looking up photos for each of the lyrics, and then went a thousand steps further and linked those photos up to Wikipedia.  Honestly, I'm someone who just listens to music and rarely gets all the lyrics and back in 1989, I was working too hard at drinking and college to really pay that much attention to this song.  But, when I watched this, I thought it was pretty cool... a) because I never really tuned into what all was included in the lyrics and b) because I was able to click on an image in the video to learn more about that piece of history via Wikipedia.

Apparently, Mr. Joel is a history fan, and in 1989 he turned 40 (what a coincidence... I'm 40 this year).  He decided to reflect back upon the history between 1949 and 1989... and essentially, that's what this song is about. Some of the major events that occurred each year of those 40 years.  In one song.  Pretty cool, even if you don't like the song itself...

Anyway, I'd love to share Ye Li's video with you.  Check it out!

All credits go to Bill Joel, Ye Li, Wikipedia and Google Images - I take no ownership of this fabulous creation...

It makes me think... what a great scrapbook page... or even entire album... devoted to a timeline of your personal world history.  Kinda like those cards you can send to people on their birthday... what was the price of bread, the price of gas, the #1 song, the average salary in the year you were born.  I would love to do a scrapbook on the history of the world during MY lifetime.  I just think that would be cool...

What do you think?  Have you ever thought of something like this re: scrapbooking?  I have actually thought of it quite a bit.  I touched on a few things in my Eighties post below... truly, I have lived through so much history, but until you sit down and look it up or think about it, you really just don't realize.

Yep, I think this is going to be added to my "list of things to scrapbook"...


  1. That sounds like such an amazing scrapbook idea :-) I hope you do it - I might just do it too!

    And I remember really liking Billy Joel at the time this song came out. That slideshow is incredible!

  2. Yes, a fantastic idea for a page, or even a series of pages.

  3. Ok...THAT is cool! 40 things in 40 years might just be an AWESOME the headlines for 40 years...that would be awesome!

  4. It is a fantastic idea - I say, go for it!


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