August 20, 2010

Time Flies When You...

...are on vacation.

...spend time with friends and family you haven't seen in months, many months.

...are in a casino!

...realize your mom would have been 72 this week, had she survived her fight with Ovarian cancer.

...realize it's been 12 years since she lost that fight.

...turn off the movie and head to bed, knowing that the next day you'll be going "home".

...sleep almost all the way home from vacation because The Hubs decides to drive the full leg (yay!). a book.

...have a list of things to do before the day is over.

...catch cold germs from your lovely, sweet husband and have half your normal energy.

...spend most of your day wiping or blowing or fighting with your nose.

...have at least 8 loads of laundry and only have 3 completely done (and two in progress).

...spend all afternoon running errands (bank, groceries, library, etc.)

...look back and realize the last time you wrote a post was Monday! 


Time Flies When You're On Vacation!


  1. We all know that feeling :-)

    Hope you recover from that cold soon xx

  2. Oh, yes! It certainly does
    :) I'm hoping your cold is improving too.


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