July 19, 2010

This is Me... REDUX

Remember this?  Yeah, "me on drugs".  Well, after heading to the doc today, I'm on antibiotics and... wait for it... wait... steroids


I'm so excited.  Thrilled.  Beyond happy. 

*sigh*  That last bit was all sarcasm.  In case ya weren't gettin' it. 

Let's just hope it kills this infection I apparently have, reduces the swelling and huge amounts of fluid in my ears and sinuses, and makes this vertigo go away.  Cuz I'm tired of this !

Trippy, man.... Trippy!


  1. Oh you poor thing, you have my total sympathy. I flew back from Tunisia last year with an ear infection - big mistake! Mine took a good 6 weeks to go completely so be patient. I really hope the steroids help soon, horrible things to be on but they are good for inflammation. Get well soon!!!!

  2. Oh hun, I'm sorry - but I hope they do the trick and you're soon better xx

  3. Hope you feel better soon, Kai! xo

  4. I hope the meds work for you! Vertigo sucks. I seem to get it with almost every ear & sinus infection


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