July 22, 2010

Quilt Guilt

Well, all, I'm back safe and sound.  It was a true adventure. 

More like... an adventure in Murphy's Law.

But it was fun. 

To give you a clue about how my day went (besides the general "fun"), we arrived at the first store before 7am to catch the bus, which was scheduled to leave at 7:15am.  We had a tight schedule to visit 10 stores, and return to the original starting store by around 7:30pm for a yummy dinner and then on our way home from there.


Our evening ended at the original and last store to eat dinner at 9:45pm.  I ate, shopped and was in my car to drive home by 10pm.

So.  More this weekend.  I'll fill you in on all the gory details, including the quilt guilt that hit my credit card!


  1. lol! Can't wait to hear ALL about it, and see your purchases :-)

  2. "Quilt Guilt" That's a new one.


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