July 7, 2010

Class is Dismissed!

So, my last quilt class was tonight.  We brought in our finished quilt tops to show the instructor (and each other).  They were ALL so wonderful!  I love mine!  No, I don't have photos (can't you tell?) to share with you yet, but they will come soon.  I promise.

Tonight's class was all about batting (the quilt filler) and the different types and purposes (warmer vs. cooler), the back of the quilt and the quilting process, although learning how to actually quilt is a separate class.  Then the instructor went in to some great detail about adding the binding (the outer edge) to the quilt.  Whew!  A lot of information that I'm sure I'll need to be refreshed upon when it actually comes time to bind my quilt.

My Sew Busy post is true... I am SO busy lately.  I feel like I've neglected this blog lately, and the light at the end of the tunnel is soooo far off, it seems.  I've been keeping busy with this one thing, which really has occupied a lot of my time and my brain.  I know I'm being cryptic, and I'm sorry, but it's a good thing all around, and I'm just not ready to share completely yet. Just know that I'm still here and will be back again soon!

What's shakin' in your corner of Earth?


  1. Can't wait to see the finished quilt :-) And you share about your venture when you're ready - hope it keeps going well! x

  2. rooting for you from the sidelines!


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