January 10, 2010

Untalents & Talents

It's a Sunday.  I don't like Sundays.  I always get a little, sometimes a lot, depressed on Sundays.  So, of course, I tend to fall into bad habits like berating myself for all the things I'm not good at.  But today I started to think of a blog post by Nancy back in December and thought that maybe blogging about my "untalents", and then following it up with some of my talents, would be a good way to end my somewhat bummin' Sunday.  So... THANKS Nancy for posting your untalents and giving me the idea today!

Untalent:  If it isn't business related, I totally suck at talking on the phone when people call me.  I respond in monotone and do very little to keep the conversation going. I think this is because so many of my jobs were phone-intensive, so having a receiver to my ear is one of my least favorite things to do.  That's not to say every phone conversation sucks... but most of the time, I hate talking on the phone.

Talent:  Conversely, I love email and writing (can you tell?) so if you want to talk or to hear a story, send me an email or type me a question and I'll type for a very long time to respond. 

Untalent:  I think I have the absolute LEAST talent at losing weight.  I can honestly say that weight loss has been a #1 priority since I was at least 11 years old, and I've not ever succeeded.  Yeah, this is a big "untalent".

Talent:  I'm a great cheerleader when others are attempting to lose weight (or quit smoking or other bad habit or life situation).  I have a plethora of information on weight loss and what works (supposedly) and what doesn't. 

Untalent:  I have zero rhythm.  I used to go dancing with a friend and always felt like the "do wop" girl in the background, shifting from side-to-side.  I LOVE music.  I wish fervently that I could dance.  But.  I simply can't.  I sometimes can't even tap my foot or fingers to the "correct" beat. 

Talent:  I love all things theatre.  While I may not be able to sing or dance in a musical, I love to act.  I may also not be the next Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie (gasp!  how did I mention both of those two women in one sentence?)... but I enjoyed acting and being involved in theater immensely, when I was.  It's been at least 13 years since I was involved in my last play, but I think I did well in any show I was in.  On stage, or backstage. 

Untalent:  I'm really bad at remembering names.  I'm good at recognizing someone, but really, really bad at placing the right name to that person.

Talent:  I have a HUGE amount of useless information rolling around in my head that, surprisingly, sometimes comes up as useful.  And sometimes, it really irks people when I win bets based on that weird trivia floating around in my head.   And I'm never afraid to stop trying to find stuff out.  I guess I never got past that whole "why" phase, only I also ask a lot of "how", "what", "when", and "who" questions.

Untalent:  Keeping things neat and picked up and orderly.  Whew... I'm REALLY bad at this.

Talent:  I know where everything is.  I can direct people to something that is at the bottom of a pile.  And I'm a finder of lost things, sometimes just by standing in the room.  It was eerie when I was in college.  I was an RA (Resident Assistant) and the gals on my hall would come to me, upset, because they had lost their ID card or room key.  I would walk to their doorway and point at it, or they would find it immediately after I entered the room.  Weird.  But fun!

Okay... I suppose that's enough for now. I may revisit this later.  What are your untalents/talents?

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  1. I recently realized that I'm terrible at making a variety of meals. I'm a good cook, but I find two dishes I like and make them for months at a time! Poor Dan.


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