January 3, 2010

Happy New Year - Welcome 2010

Happy New Year everyone!  It's the "future" now.  2010. How many of you grew up with movies in classrooms touting the technologies of the future?  I know I am still looking for my flying car!  But hey... we've got satellites in space, Google Maps and blogs... that's pretty tech-y.

I know I'm three days late for the New Years wishes, but I came "home" to my childhood stomping ground for New Years.  Computer time is not easy to access in my dad's house... simply because he loves his little games (Chuzzle, Mystic Forest, Maui Wowee) and, well, I havea husband,  two teens (daughter and her friend) and a 20-year old (son) fighting for time on the two computers here as well.  LOL. 

As I said, I came 'home' for the new year.  'Home" is just off of Lake Ontario where a tiny village named Hilton is situated... and it is where I grew up and lived until my mid-twenties. My entire life I could not wait to get OUT of this little po-dunk town.  I detested the fact that my mom and dad knew everyone... by name... no matter where we went.  Of course, we all went to school together, to church together, and it didn't help that my mom worked for the only insurance agency in town and my father was a carpenter/contractor... of course they would know everyone.  Needless to say, I couldn't get away with a whole lot of anything... someone always saw me.  For years and years and years, even after I moved out of state, I could go into the little local bank and never needed to show my I.D.  "Oh, you must be Sandy's daughter," they'd say.  "You look just like her!"  I detested that too, being recognizable because I resembled my mother so much. 

New Year's also marks fifteen years for me living in Ohio.  And in that fifteen years, I have grown more and more disatisfied with the "little" town I live in there.  The little town I live in just outside of Columbus is probably, oh, ten times bigger than my home town in NY.  And I don't like it. Maybe it's the day and age.. maybe it's my generation and those behind me... but no one is neighborly, no one speaks to you, no one helps out, no one even lifts a hand in acknowledgement as you pass.  And I found that I have missed small town life.

And I miss the weather up here.  I'm a weird one, I know, but I love snow.  REAL snow.  Not the "winter storm warnings" we get in mid-Ohio for "1-3 inches".  It has not stopped snowing here since we arrived on Friday night.  Now, on Sunday, we have about two feet of snow on the ground and it's STILL snowing.  A few hours north where one of my sisters lives, just off the east end of Lake Ontario, has gotten twice that. They were supposed to drive down today to visit, but they have had four feet of snow in the past two days.  SNOW!  I'm loving it. 

It's big and fluffy and white.  And it is covering everything. I can't see a single blade of grass through it.  It mutes sounds, and yet, everything this is crisp and clear when you hear it.  It masks the earth in a fluffy white blanket, making everything look cozy and fresh and clean.

What a perfect way for nature to ring in the New Year.

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