January 28, 2010

Time Passing...

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Isn't it odd how time passing is so different depending on the situation you are in?  I often get caught up in this train of thought and wonder at the diversity of time, when in actuality... it is what it is.  A second is a second.  A minute is 60 seconds.  An hour is 60 minutes.  And so on. 

Yes, I understand that every four years we have to 'catch up' to time, and to do so we have an extra day.  A leap year.  I get that there is a whole science behind that, etc.  But that's not what I'm referring to here.

When I was a child... I can't describe how many times in my life I would wish that time would speed up.  Church, school, a boring Sunday afternoon... please let it go fast so I can get to the next, more exciting moment.  How much of my youth was spent wishing for time to go by faster?

Now that I'm older, so much of my "time" is wondering where my time went.  How did it go so fast?  I take great care in reminding myself to not wish it all away.  Even the bad stuff... the days that are just horrible and depressing and out-and-out bad.  Soon enough (too soon) it will be gone and I can't get it back.  My weekends fly by and my weeks drag by... and through it all I try to remember that it isn't really... it's happening at the same pace every day... 1 second at a time, 1 minute at a time, 1 hour at a time. 

Take this week as an example... it's already the last week of January 2010.  Where did this month go?!  On Sunday, this week looked loooong to me, because I'm traveling and attending 3 days of training.  But now it's the end of the day on Thursday, the training is over and tomorrow we're driving back home.  And geez, tomorrow's Friday!  Which means the weekend is already upon me.  There are so many things I want to accomplish over the weekend... but will it go too "fast"?  When I return to work it will be February! 

I even apply this to my scrapbooking.  I make an album for all of my kids to have - showing birth to high school graduation - and a  year or two ago, I decided to take some time off on my last child to do this for.  I wanted to concentrate on other scrapbooking projects.  I figured I'd take a year off and then get caught up so I won't feel stressed toward the end.  That was THREE years ago.  At the end of the school year this year she will be heading into high school.  The time is going so fast!!  And I didn't accomplish all I wanted during my "kid's album break".

Does anyone else feel the same about time?  Any one out there who has mastered time?  I'd love some tips on how to not wish my time away and, more importantly, now not to miss the time as it goes by me.  I hear all the catch phrases of "live in the moment" and I try to do so... but by the time I feel like I am, the moment is gone and several more have gone with it!

It has been a crazy week here... with a lot of learning (for my job) and a lot of things going on my head, which happens when I'm away from the distraction of family issues.  I'd love to hear from you... give me a shout out on what you think about time and your challenges and victories over it.

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