August 25, 2009

Tuesday's True Life Story...

So... many of the blogs I read have a theme for a certain day of the week.  Well, Tuesday is going to be my True Life Story day.  It will be the day I share with you my memories of my life... and as odd as some of them may seem, they will all be one thing:  true stories.

So, we'll start with a brief anecdote today ...

Hanging Upside Down in a Barn

photo from someone wonderful on stock xchng
To set the scene, imagine a piece of skinny, old twine-rope dangling to the first floor of a barn, from a trapdoor in the ceiling (or the second second floor of the barn).  Imagine you hung that piece of twine, and to make it easier to climb, you knotted "loops" into the rope every few inches up.  Hey... making anything "easier" is always better, no?  Okay, now... imagine your best friend Carrie climbing that rope (she's lighter, so of course she would go first) and getting up at least 6-7 feet off the floor.  Almost there, really! 

Whoops!   You know those loops you tied into the rope?  Well, apparently you didn't know how to make a knot that didn't "slip".  This proved a challenge for Carrie, whose foot is now strangled - and very much trapped -  by the rope.  She can't move up or down.  She can't reach her foot.  And she's high enough that you can't reach her very easily. 

Now... imagine Carrie dangling by her foot, upside down, from the old piece of twine-rope hanging from the trapdoor in the ceiling of a barn. 

What would YOU do?

I'll tell you what I did... I dragged an old car seat (bench style) from a room away to set underneath Carrie, all the while she's screaming at me to get her down.  Hey... if the rope broke, and it really wasn't a very sturdy rope, the least I could do is break her fall with the car seat, no??

True story.

PS>  She got down safely... I don't remember how, but I do know I helped.  No car seat necessary.  We climbed the stairs to the 2nd level from then on.

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