September 1, 2009

Tuesday's True Life Story... Skinny Dipping

Have you ever skinny-dipped in a lake in broad daylight with your best friend?  Only you didn't take your suits off until AFTER you got in the lake and swam out about 100 yards off shore... and having nowhere to put your suits to enjoy the full effect of the skinny dipping experience, you dive to the bottom, find a big rock and tuck your suits underneath so they don't float away.  

We were SO smart!  No one saw us naked because we were already in the water before we got undressed!

Only minutes later, my friend's mother started yelling for the two of us to come in and eat dinner.  This is after enough time had passed and we'd been playing around and lost the "spot" I had marked from shore for where the rock was that is holding our suits. Can we say panic?  Did I mention I was, like, 12?  My friend and I were frantic.  How could we swim to shore and walk out of the lake in front of her mom naked?  I mean, she saw us leave with our suits ON. 

Moral of the story... take your suits off BEFORE getting in the lake.  Most of the time, this makes it much easier to find them.

Oh, yeah.  We found the suits, after almost hyperventilating from the repeated dives to the bottom looking for the rock-that-moved, all the time listening to her mom calling us.  Whew!  

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