April 10, 2012

10 Things - Wasting Time vs. Wanting Time

Hey y'all...

Today I'm feeling a little on the "poopy" side.  As in, I'm bummin' a little.  I've spent a lot of time, lately, just feeling a little on the blue side and, therefore, I have found myself "wasting" a lot of time.  I have many more exciting 10 Things topics floating around in my head, but I find myself with little time left to write the post and so... here are Five Things on which I have been wasting my time plus Five Things I feel I should have spent that time doing...

Wasting Time on:

1.  NCIS

....this is my number one time-suck right now.  I watch endless episodes of NCIS on CLOO or USA.  It was so intense for a while that when my bedroom TV was disconnected while we were renovating the bedroom (yes, I know, completed photos to come), I had some serious withdrawal from not being able to watch it before heading to bed.

2.  House

...this has been my number two time-suck, right behind NCIS.  I end up watching this on nights NCIS isn't on.  On Wednesdays when they are both on, I bounce back and forth between episodes, watching the one that interests me most.

3.  Internet - I was going to say Facebook, but it's really the internet in general. I spend a lot of useless time bouncing around at night, visiting Facebook, my various email accounts, Yahoo (news and videos), Scrapbooking from the Inside Out, etc.  I spend a lot of time bouncing around, but very little time being productive.

4. My new smart phone -

...I text and play games on my smart phone now.  I'm sucked in so easily.  Currently, I play Pumpkins vs. Monsters or do Word Searches against the clock.  Pumpkins vs. Monsters messes up my vision, so I try to limit myself on that one now.  I'm almost done with it...

5. Having conversations in my head.  I'm not sure how better to explain this, but I have conversations with people who irritate me, anger me, hurt me, etc. in my head.  I speak my mind to this/these person/people and get them to stop the behavior that is causing me grief.  None of these conversations have ever been spoken... but plenty have been rehearsed.

Wanting Time For:

1. CardMaking - I have set a goal for myself at the end of every year that THIS year is The Year when everyone will get a handmade card for their birthday from me.  This means I need to build up my supply.  (It has yet to happen.)  I also wish to create random holiday/seasonal cards with the goal of getting one out in the mail to a different person every month. This, too, has yet to happen.

2.  Scrapbooking - I have too many things started and not enough finished!

3.  Decluttering - specifically the "spare room" (ha) downstairs that is packed to the gills with junk.  I want to make this my own personal work-out room, but you can only move about 3 feet into the room.  It's bad... I'm a'sceared to go in there by myself!  :)

4.  Doodling or Zentangling - I wish I "believed" that I could doodle, but I do not.  I know that, as with anything, practicing makes you better... and yet, I am almost afraid to put a pen, pencili or marker to paper and draw or doodle.

5.  Reading - I have so many books sitting at my bedside, just waiting for me to pick it up.  I just... don't.  On top of all the things I over-commit myself to, I have joined a book club.  This means I HAVE to make time to read.  But it also means that this book is the priority, whether or not it would be something I would choose to read on any other given day.  At least I have something in my life for this one thing pushing me to "do"!

How about you?  What do you waste time on and then, looking back at that time, what do you typically wish you'd done instead?

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  1. Nice lists! You make me so glad I am not into gaming of any kind - on my phone or internet! And even House is getting "old" for me. Don't really care if I see it or not.

    I would like more time for scrapbooking, art journaling, sketching, reading, and catching up with friends.

  2. I can relate to a fair few of these things! Currently working my way through 'Lost' at the moment, up to Season 4 and totally absorbed. The internet certainly has a way of eating up time doesn't it?
    I spend too much time admiring things other people have made and not enough time making things myself!

  3. I love your honesty. I think we all waste time and the media of tv/ internet/phones etc really dont help. I wonder what we could achieve without them. A great list. Makes me feel better about my own time wasting and so Im off to scrapbook!


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