March 16, 2012

A New Book Review

The Hubs was looking for the tissues and I said, "they're on the couch." 

"Why are they there?" He asked.  I said, "because I was crying."  The Boy and The Hubs looked at me.  "WHY?" They said in unison. 

"This book is sad," I said. 

It was left unsaid, but what I "heard" next was, "Then WHY are you reading it?!"

Why don't guys understand that a good cry is sometimes just that... good?


*sniff*  *snuffle*

I just finished this book.  As in, *just* finished this book.

I must say... it was REALLY good.  Very.  But you'd better have a brand new box of tissues sitting next to you, extra soft.   I'm reading it for a book club and I got midway through when I texted a friend who is also in the book club.

"Have u finished the book?"  I asked.   

A simple reply, "Yes."

Me again, sniffing and having a tough time breathing, "PLEASE tell me it has a happy ending, I'm running out of Kleenex."

"Haha, it does!"

Whew... and so I kept reading.  Whether or not it had a happen ending, I HAD to keep reading.  It was that engaging.  I finished it two hours later....and nearly one whole box of tissues... gone.  And I cried to the VERY END.

So, I highly recommend this, if you can handle a good cry.  It will particularly affect moms, and teens, and adults who REALLY remember what it was like to be a teen, and moms of teens.

I strongly recommend NOT reading this if you are a mom of teen twins.  Yes, that means you, Cheri.  Unless you think you can handle it.  Because it's tough, man, it's really rough.  So, yeah... Cheri... don't read this. 

But for everyone else who can handle a good cry?  I recommend it.  I really do.

I have to go find something to laugh at now.

(If you do read it, I'm interested in what you thought.  Except you, Cheri. Don't read this book.)


  1. You realise that Cheri is going to have to read it now just to find out why she shouldn't lol
    Glad you had a good cry and that it did have a happy ending. (well I assume your friend didn't tell you a white lie)

  2. So I was checking email just before I went to bed last night. Popped over to Google Reader and ending up laughing out loud that you are telling me NOT to read this book. Not once, but three times! And went to bed chuckling. Psychology 101 - don't tell someone what NOT to do - the forbidden is too enticing! So like Mary says, now I may have to read the book just to find out why I'm not supposed to read it... and then all I'll be able to say is "Kai tried to warn me..."

    1. I know... the psychology piece is totally "do what I'm telling you not to do", but seriously... read it later. After the twins have gone to college. Trust me. :)

      and still with a box of kleenex. :)

  3. I read it. Cried my way through it. I think my favorite book of Kristin Hannah's is Winter Garden. She's a superb writer.


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