April 23, 2012

Getting Old(er)...

Wow.  The weekend was a rough one.  Some major life events going on.  While I did have a scrapbooking crop scheduled for Saturday, it was interrupted with a few things.

First, the youngest Girl tested for her driver's license.  Yikes!  This is my last "baby" and she's trying to drive?  Well, I got a reprieve, much to her tearful dismay.  She did not pass her first time 'round.  That gives us a few more weeks to work on the finer details in the car she's testing in.  This is my first child (of three) to be EAGER to grow up and want to do the things that "normal" teenagers typically want to do.  The older two had to be brought into adulthood kicking and screaming.

I'm not sure which is better.  The over-ambitious desire to grow up or the complete reluctance to grow up.

Another major part of my Saturday was spent looking at studio apartments for The Boy.  He will soon be 23 and I think it's time for him to try his wings out.  This place is AWESOME.  It's actually a sort of communal living setup.  It's for artists (of all types - music, theatre, painting, photography, etc.) and it's set up in an old school building.  The school was built in the 1800's so the original part of it is just beautiful.  They have kept many of the features of the school in the studios... original wood flooring, chalkboards, brick... and the ceilings are 14 foot high with nearly floor to ceiling windows.  We were able to look at many of the studios - those that are already occupied and those that are still under construction.  If I were 23 I'd be jumping through flaming hoops to get a spot there!

Check it out (these are just two samples of the different varieties of studios there):

Of course, The Boy is not as eager.  Dragging his feet is an understatement.  We found a vacancy there at the beginning of March and he didn't contact them until last week to express his interest.  Of course, the vacancy was filled the Day Before he contacted them.  Can you say "internal screaming"? 

It was his job to follow up with them with a thank you and an expression of interest in being put on a wait list for one of the studios still under construction.  I don't know if he did it.  He won't tell me.  I guess I'm being too nosy.  But Inquiring Moms NEED to know!  *sigh*  It's killing me to pull back, but pull back I must.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me... both with the apartment situation and the driving situation.  I'm split down the middle on how I feel about all of this, and my emotions are roiling... one minute I'm frustrated with the lack of progress, and the next minute I'm teary-eyed because I can't handle the inevitable changes. 

Through all of that, I did settle down some on Saturday evening (scrapbooking) and Sunday (visiting with a friend and then warming the couch for many, many... many hours).

But I'm really starting to feel... as the kids get older... that I'm just getting old.

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  1. That top one looks SO cool! I can't believe he doesn't have any eagerness to get a place of his own. Sarah is desperately searching for a job right now. She graduates in 3 weeks and so doesn't want to have to live at home all summer!


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