April 5, 2012

The New Adventures of Old Kai...

 Guess what?  I started a new business.  It's not really "my" business.  Well... I guess it is.  I have come across some of the most wonderful tea I personally have ever tasted.  And as I drink tea practically every day from September through May, I must admit to having tasted quite a bit.

Over time, I have become partial to loose-leaf teas.  These are typically much higher quality of tea and often much more flavorful.  I have had tea brought to me from the UK and purchased loose-leaf teas from online shops.

Then I discovered Tealightful Treasures.  One of my sisters, actually, introduced me to it.  Several times, in fact.  So, before I committed to anything more serious, I purchased some teas from one of my sister's tea parties.  I was very, very, very impressed.  The English Breakfast black tea is some of the best I've tasted... it really stood it's ground next to my Harrods English Morning tea that my friend brought to me from the UK.

Anyhoo, I decided to test the waters and hold a couple of tea parties of my own (with the help of my friends).  They were successful and helped me make the decision to jump in and become a consultant.  Well, today my consultant kit arrived in the mail and I'm super excited!  There's so much that I want to try!!

Any tea drinkers out there?  What's your favorite?  I have so many new types and flavors to taste-test... give me a hint on where I should start...

I'll be placing a link in my side bar if anyone is ever interested in holding a tea party (virtual or, if I can get to you, face-to-face) or you can just order directly from my website.

Wish me luck!


  1. Sounds interesting. I don't ever drink tea! And I only like instant coffee!!!. What do you drink from June to August?

  2. All I drink is water. I have tried in the past, quite unsuccessfully, to MAKE myself like tea. No luck.


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