November 10, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love November

10) The leaves finally stop falling off the trees. Because there are none left to fall. Eventually...

9) I stop sweating (except for when I’m with the Sadist, but that’s normal)… and I hate to sweat so this is a big deal for me.

8) Looking back at what I’ve accomplished this year.

7) My house starts to smell like cinnamon and spice. (I’m a Scentsy freak and a candle snob)

6) Christmas music starts, and that doesn’t bug me anymore. In fact, I embrace it.

5) Sales!

4) Sending out Christmas cards (later in the month) to people whom I haven’t talked to most of the year. (Yeah, I guess I should send out more mail or keep in better touch, but sometimes, reaching out that once a year is special…)

3) The air seems fresh (probably because of the cold snap) and clear.

2) Snuggling up in my blankets in my cold house with my kitties laying next to me. Of course, soon I overheat, but the beginning is what counts!

1) November contains the ONE DAY in a year where gorging on high-fat and high-sugar foods is socially acceptable, even approved and encouraged without guilt or (hopefully) remorse.

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  1. I totally agree with the crisp air and eating high fat food for a month, I mean day. :)

  2. Great list! My favorite is number 1! Of course I also like that I sleep better (studies aside) because the bedroom is cold enough at night to need blankets. That would probably be my #2.

  3. love your list~I'm some of those things too!!!

  4. Yes, I love that fresh air too! I always thought September or October were my favourites, but you almost have me persuaded :)

  5. "My house starts to smell like cinnamon and spice."

    Ah yes, a wonderful accent to the season.


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